Back in time on Lord Howe Island

Walking is a pleasure here thanks to a stunning backdrop of azure blue waters, majestic mountain peaks and verdant vegetation

Lord Howe Island is a drop of perfection in the Pacific, with its azure-blue lagoon, mountain peaks and verdant vegetation providing a stunning backdrop.

With few cars, guests get around on bikes on the small island, and walking is a pleasure. There are many walks to be enjoyed, from easy to very difficult: tackle the newly established Seven Peaks Walk by Pinetrees – a five-day guided adventure that traverses from North Bay to Lord Howe Island’s highest peak Mount Gower, taking in untouched beaches, coral platforms, ancient forests and breathtaking views.

Alternatively, the seven-kilometre walk from Old Settlement Beach to North Bay rewards walkers with pristine white sand and incredible snorkelling.

Valley of the Shadows is one of the most memorable tracks on the island, with walkers passing under large canopies of banyan trees and Kentia palms. The two-hour return walk to Malabar Hill is ideal for birdwatchers, as the area is one of the world’s largest nesting sites for the red-tailed tropic bird.

For walkers seeking a more challenging trek, the Intermediate Hill traverses 1.2 kilometres and the summit of the Smoking Tree Ridge offers unforgettable views over Ball’s Pyramid and Mount Lidgbird.

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