Fire up the imagination in Melbourne

While the methods of grilling differ at these three Melbourne restaurants, we find the thrill of the grilling experience white hot

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Angus & Bon
Angus & Bon had an epiphany when they incorporated an ironbark grill into the design of the steakhouse, which is housed in the old post office in Greville St, Prahran. The ironbark logs burn at temperatures of up to 600 degrees in the oven, which was custom built by local craftsman Albert Gibellini. The fire is lit first thing in the morning by the grill maestros who then prepare countless cuts of grass-fed beef and dried-aged wagyu. Why ironbark? Because it’s a very dense wood so burns at a very slow temperature to produce a sweet-smelling woody version of coal. 

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The chefs at Tetsujin greet guests with a collective irrashaimase as they gather to worship around the robata grills.  Located on Level 4 of Emporium Melbourne, the fit-out here was inspired by the Order v Chaos vibe that pervades Tokyo. The clean lines of the sushi train are derailed by the contrasting concept of the dark, atmospheric area designated for Japanese barbecue. Here, customers can order plates of raw wagyu, Angus beef, pork belly, chicken or even hot pots, and slap the slabs of meat onto the built-in robata grills at their table.

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Embla is everything to meat-lovers of Melbourne. It’s also kind to vegetarians. The restaurant changes its tune every Sunday where it does the switcheroo from pork to vegetables made fragrant with wood-smoked flavour. Ostensibly a wine bar in the middle of Melbourne, the shoebox-sized restaurant has a limited menu most of the time so the set Sunday lunch is worth booking as it gets full to the brim. Wood smoke contains more than 1000 flavour-producing compounds, which we enjoy in abundance with the baked chicken, yoghurt and salted lemon dish served with pillowy strips of sourdough flatbread. 


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