Rekindle the wonder of travel with Inspiring Journeys


Inspiring Journeys

Experience the best Australia and New Zealand have on offer with boutique, immersive experiences from Inspiring Journeys.

With your dedicated Travel Director, and limited to a group of no more than 20 like-minded discerning guests per itinerary, you will connect with your surrounds, discover hidden gems and share unparalleled insights to create a journey that is truly unforgettable.

The Four Pillars
Inspiring Journeys offer the perfect balance of freedom from the stress of holiday planning, with the flexibility to shape your personal journey. Each itinerary is designed to cater to your tastes by offering a range of authentic and enriching experiences, known as the Four Pillars.

Delve into the soul of what makes each place special – the sights, sounds, smells and tastes that set one location apart from another. Inspiring Journeys scratches beneath the surface, sharing not only iconic destinations, but places that few have had an opportunity to encounter without the guiding hand of an expert.

Inspiring Journeys

In the Red Centre, enjoy a spiritual encounter with the imposing red slopes of Uluru that rise up hundreds of metres from the sandy scrubland, which the Anangu people have held sacred for centuries.

Inspiring Journeys provides you with the opportunity to connect with your surrounds, uncovering the insider experiences that any local would be proud to share.

From Melbourne’s edgy street art to the soulful splendour of the Red Centre, every journey is unforgettable. Explore the ancient rock art sites at Nourlangie in Kakadu, and see some of the world’s oldest Indigenous rock art paintings.

Inspiring Journeys

Be immersed in the fascinating layers of a destination – the ancient and contemporary culture, centuries-old heritage and the stories that make every stop a memorable one.

Inspiring Journeys brings these places to life, providing you the opportunity to participate in as many experiences as you wish, from sailing on Sydney Harbour to an Indigenous cultural encounter in the Top End.

Inspiring Journeys

Experience firsthand the rich and vibrant local Ma-ori culture in Rotorua. Embrace the hongi greeting and indulge in the delicious flavours of a hangi feast.

Inspiring Journeys are designed with flexibility in mind, giving you time to unwind and enjoy the destination at your own pace. Be inspired by the scenic natural beauty that lies ahead.

Inspiring Journeys

Steal a quiet moment, indulging in delicious local flavours and relaxing in serene locations. Unwind in the healing waters of Daylesford’s historic Hepburn Bathhouse & Spa, soaking up the restorative powers that visitors have been enjoying for over a century.

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