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We highlight the newly opened gourmet restaurants in Hong Kong

John Anthony Hong Kong

Hong Kong is world renowned for its neon signs, vibrant city alleyways and iconic skylines. Those with food on the mind will relish in Hong Kong’s extraordinary multi-cultural cuisine. Several new world-class restaurants have recently opened their doors in the skyscraper city.


Hunter & The Chase

Hunter Interior

Executive Chef Felipe Lopez delivers an alternative meat, American style menu at joint venue venture Hunter and The Chase. Alternative meats available on the menu include bison, octopus and pig head. Both restaurants feature modern dining settings which are refined and approachable.

Bison Short Ribs at Hunter


LUMI Interior

Famous Japanese Chef Kihachi Kumagai brings the flavours of Japan to LUMI, a new borderless restaurant. Chef Kihachi mixes the flavours and techniques developed over his 50-year-long career from every corner of the globe – from France to Japan to Senegal – alongside seasonal produce to create 29 spectacular dishes.

Pan-fried Atlantic Salmon with Onsen Egg

Maze Grill

Maze Grill Interior

UK food superstar Gordon Ramsay has opened his third restaurant in Hong Kong; Maze Grill. Ramsay brings the contemporary steakhouse from London to the new glasshouse extension of Ocean Terminal. On the menu is a selection of rare-breed cuts, fish or poultry. Guests can expect a casual and warm dining experience.

Beef Wellington

John Anthony

Slow Cooked Wagyu Beef Cheek

The team behind arguably one of Hong Kong’s best dining experiences has opened new doors with the Chinese cuisine restaurant, John Anthony. The restaurant was designed to pioneer Hong Kong sustainable design and set a new environmental awareness standard. Alongside this is a menu which pushes at the boundaries of culinary innovation, all brought to life on three custom barbecues and a highly customised kitchen.


PIQNIQ Rooftop

Those looking for a relaxing dining experience should venture up to PIQNIQ, Hong Kong’s only rooftop ‘guinguette’. From the rooftop of H Queen’s guests can enjoy views stretching from Victoria Harbour to The Peak. There’s a variety of global dishes on the menu and a talented bar team mixing great drinks.


The Hong Kong Great November Feast also graces the city this November. The Feast features festivals, markets and foodie walks through the city to give patrons a sneak peek behind Hong Kong’s bustling foodie scene.

Getting Around

Hong Kong High Speed Rail System

Now that you’ve planned all the great places that you can eat, you’ll need a way to get to them. Hong Kong’s brand-new High-Speed Rail System is open for business. The new system is expected to reduce travel time by approximately 60 per cent and connects 142km of track from Hong Kong to deep across mainland China. West Kowloon Station is the new main hub for the system in Hong Kong. Designed by Andrew Bromberg at Aedas, it is one of the largest in the world and has great views of Hong Kong’s glistening skyline and Victoria Harbour.

Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge

For those arriving by air, the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge is now open. The bridge sits at 55km long, the longest in the world, and reduces travel time from Hong Kong International Airport to Zhuhai from four hours to 45 minutes.


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